Hip Decompression Surgery

Many hip decompression conditions can be treated through conservative methods, but some may require surgery to effectively relieve pain and restore function to the joint. Your doctor will decide which type of treatment is best for you after a thorough evaluation of your condition. Contact Us Today

Hip Decompression Surgery in New Jersey

Pain in your hip can be an indication that you may have osteonecrosis. It’s important to address these symptoms early and seek the proper medical treatment. At High Mountain Orthopedics, we provide core decompression hip surgery to treat osteonecrosis and help patients return to their active lifestyles. Serving patients in Wayne, NJ, we treat several conditions through our comprehensive treatment options. Learn more about core decompression hip surgery at High Mountain Orthopedics.

About Core Decompression Hip Surgery

Core decompression hip surgery is a non-invasive procedure that aids in treating the early stages of osteonecrosis, otherwise known as avascular necrosis. Osteonecrosis most commonly affects men ages 40 through 65, but it can also be found in younger men and women. Osteonecrosis occurs when your thighbone receives an insufficient amount of blood supply, leading to severe arthritis and the destruction of the hip joint. Some causes of osteonecrosis include:

  • Hip injuries from car accidents or falling
  • Excessive use of alcohol
  • Taking corticosteroid medications
  • Diseases, such as sickle cell, lupus, or Crohn’s

Symptoms of osteonecrosis can begin with mild pain in your hip, making it difficult to detect a more serious underlying issue that could be present. As the disease progresses, you might find it challenging to put weight on that area of your hip, and movements can start to become more painful. It’s important to recognize symptoms early and receive medical attention as soon as possible. This can avoid having to undergo a more invasive procedure and experience a potentially longer recovery time.

What to Expect at High Mountain Orthopedics

When you come in for your procedure, your surgeon will first apply a local anesthetic to numb your hip. They will then make an incision to insert an arthroscope, a small, flexible tube that’s mounted with a tiny camera, so your surgeon can get a better view of the affected area. Using the arthroscope as a guide, your surgeon will then drill one large hole or multiple holes into the dead areas of your hip bone to remove them. This will allow adequate blood flow, reducing pressure and slowing or stopping the destruction of the bone or joint. All of this is completed through a small incision to provide easier healing and recovery for our patients.

Benefits of Core Decompression Hip Surgery

If you are feeling hip pain, it’s important to seek out medical care to prevent potentially severe complications. Core decompression hip surgery is one way to get ahead of your health before it gets worse. Additional benefits of hip decompression surgery include:

  • Immediate relief after the procedure
  • Minimizes the chances of having to undergo a total hip replacement in the future
  • Helps preserve the existing femur bone, allowing it to heal and stay healthy
  • Helps prevent collapsing of the femoral head if the disease advances

Hip pain can be debilitating to deal with and it can seriously impact your quality of life. High Mountain Orthopedics is dedicated to diagnosing conditions using high-quality resources and creating a comprehensive treatment plan that works best for each individual patient.

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If you’re experiencing hip pain, don’t wait to receive medical treatment. High Mountain Orthopedics is here to provide trusted, personalized care, so you can comfortably get back to doing the things you love most. Our team of medical professionals serves patients across Wayne, NJ. To learn more about core decompression hip surgery, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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