Joint Revision Procedures

joint revisionMajor joints in the human body take a lot of punishment daily. While many joint conditions can be treated through conservative, nonsurgical methods, in some cases joint revision or replacement may become necessary. Hip and knee joints are some of the most common joints that require revision, but ankle, elbow and shoulder joint revisions are also sometimes required. High Mountain Orthopedics in Wayne, New Jersey, offers a diverse selection of treatments and procedures to help alleviate your joint pain and improve joint function, no matter which joint is affected. Our compassionate, board-certified orthopedic surgeons are skilled in all types of joint revisions and customize your treatment after a thorough evaluation to ensure optimal results and a smooth recovery process.
Knee Joint Revision

We always use the least invasive methods possible to relieve your knee joint pain and restore function when your joint fails, which may require surgery. Knee procedures may include a knee arthroscopy to examine, diagnose and treat problems within the joint. Other revisions may involve your ACL, which helps stabilize your knee joint. A tear in this ligament can cause your joint to become weak, but reconstructive surgery can correct the tear and improve joint function. If you have severe arthritis in your knee or a severe knee injury, joint revision may include total knee replacement. This surgery resurfaces the knee to restore strength and relieve pain in the joint.

Hip Joint Revision

Problems with your hip joints may become especially noticeable as you age or following a fall or other injury that damages the joint. We may perform a hip arthroscopy to examine, diagnose and treat problems inside your hip joint that are causing pain. Hip fractures are common in older patients or those who suffer from osteoporosis. Fractures involve a break in the top of the femur at the hip joint. Revision includes surgery to realign the fractured bones, which are held in place with metal screws, pins, plates or rods during the healing process that may or may not be removed later.

If you suffer from severe arthritis in your hip, you may be contemplating hip replacement, but other revisions may be a better alternative. Hip resurfacing is one option that involves trimming and capping the femoral head with a smooth metal covering, instead of removing it during a traditional hip replacement. However, this joint revision does still require the removal of affected bone and cartilage, which is replaced with a metal shell.

Another joint revision to consider instead of replacement is hip decompression. This procedure is designed to treat osteonecrosis and requires drilling a small hole into your diseased hip bone. Either revision can help alleviate your pain and discomfort when standing after being seated for an extended amount of time or while standing, walking or twisting.

Ankle, Elbow And Shoulder Revisions

We also offer revision procedures to help with a wide variety of issues that impact the ankle, elbow and shoulder joints. Many problems in the ankle joint stem from issues within the Achilles tendon. We specialize in Achilles tendon repair to help relieve pain and limited movement in the ankle joint.

To alleviate pain and improve function in your elbow joint, revisions may include arthroscopy, tendon repair, fracture repair, tendon surgery or ulnar nerve transposition. We may also recommend elbow replacement to repair severe damage within your elbow joint caused by fractures, tissue tears, tumors, osteoarthritis or other serious conditions that hamper your ability to use your arm.

Rotator cuff tears, shoulder joint tears, shoulder impingement and shoulder arthritis can all impact the functionality of your shoulder joint and cause pain and limited movement. Based on your evaluation, we may suggest shoulder arthroscopy to treat tears and impingement issues. If you suffer from long-lasting, severe arthritis or recurrent tears, we may suggest major revisions to replace the ball and/or socket.

Get Your Joints Moving Again

Joint pain can be debilitating, rob you of the use of a vital limb and severely impact your quality of life. Joint revision or replacement can keep you moving when your joints fail. Our seasoned orthopedic specialists carefully evaluate your condition and customize your treatment to provide ideal results, including pain relief and improved function of the affected joint. Contact us at our main office in Wayne to schedule an appointment to discuss your joint condition and revision options today.

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