Choosing An Orthopedic Surgeon In New Jersey

Orthopedic Surgeon Examining X-Ray When you’re in pain and need an orthopedic surgeon in New Jersey, High Mountain Orthopedics offers a number of surgical services to help. Our staff is here to provide the information you need to make informed decisions about your health care and the health care of your loved ones. We can help you with insurance paperwork, and we have self-pay plans available as well.

Orthopedic Issues We Treat

Orthopedics deals with the correction as well as the prevention of bone and muscle deformities, including skeletal, ligament and tendon injuries. Potentially painful issues such as carpal tunnel, golfer’s elbow, arthritis and chronic back problems are just a few of the things our expert surgeons are able to treat. Almost any part of the body that has a joint and an associated structure to move it falls under our realm of care.

Types Of Treatment We Offer

While each treatment plan is individualized to the patient, some examples of the treatments we provide at High Mountain Orthopedics are arthroscopy, which is minimally invasive to reduce your healing time after surgery, and ACL reconstruction of the knee. Joint replacements and revisions can keep you walking when a joint like your hip or knee fails. We are also skilled at repairing tendons, rotator cuffs and fractures. 

Our Team And Orthopedic Surgeons In New Jersey

Our team of medical professionals is made up of three highly skilled orthopedic surgeons, a highly qualified physician’s assistant and a professional physical therapist. Our surgeons are:

  • Matarese, who is certified by the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery. He is an American Academy of Orthopedic Surgery Fellow, and is Fellowship trained at the hospital for special surgery in total joins and Ilizarov procedures. 
  • Su, who is a Board Certified specialist in total joint replacement and reconstruction. He is Fellowship trained at the hospital for special surgery, maintains several professional affiliations and is a thought leader in the orthopedic surgery industry. 

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High Mountain Orthopedics serves patients with orthopedic needs in northeastern New Jersey. Our physicians are known for their compassion and skill and are ready to help you begin the healing process. Call us 24 hours a day, seven days a week at (973) 595-7779, or fill out our online contact form at your convenience and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

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