Representation of X-Ray of ACL Tear

ACL tear treatment exercises are almost always necessary after an injury to your anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). This important structure keeps the lower leg stable and prevents it from sliding in a forward direction. If you live in the Wayne, New Jersey, area and you’ve experienced any type of pain in your knee, you can seek the advice of our experienced orthopedic specialists. At High Mountain Orthopedics, we diagnose and treat your knee injuries to get you back on your feet.

Symptoms Of ACL Tears

One of the most common symptoms of a torn ACL is a popping sound or sensation in the knee when you walk or move your knee around. This popping sound generally accompanies pain and swelling. If you experience any of these symptoms, it’s important to seek immediate care. At High Mountain Orthopedics, we perform a wide range of tests, including a physical exam, to determine the seriousness of the injury.

Rehabilitation After Surgery

In some circumstances, we may recommend a reconstruction procedure to repair the ACL. Using this surgical procedure, we can reconstruct the ligament using a graft. This is usually done if you have a complete or partial tear to the ACL or if your knee remains unstable even after a rehabilitation program. You may also need surgery if you injure other parts of your knee along with the ACL.

ACL Tear Treatment Exercises

If ACL tear treatment exercises are recommended, your orthopedic doctor will work closely with you to develop an appropriate treatment plan. We may also refer you to a physical therapist. Part of a physical therapy treatment plan may include pain management using a TENS unit or medication. Exercises may involve strengthening, range of motion and balance activities. We may also recommend an assistive device like a cane or crutches to help you with mobility.

Contact Us For Information On Knee Injuries

If you have a knee injury that requires physical therapy and ACL tear treatment exercises, High Mountain Orthopedics in Wayne, New Jersey, can help create a plan of action to return you to your previous level of activity. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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