At High Mountain Orthopedics, we are driven to make orthopedic care accessible to all North Jersey residents.  To enhance our outreach, we’ve introduced telemedicine services for our existing patients.  This service will allow our patients to receive quality care from home, while keeping our community safe when facing public health emergencies like the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

How It Works

To connect our team of skilled orthopedic care providers with patients, High Mountain Orthopedics uses either Facetime on an Apple device, or, a streamlined telemedicine solution that is accessible from desktops, tablets, and smartphones. When using, you won’t need to download an app or create an account. All you’ll need to access our telemedicine services is a device with a camera, microphone, and compatible browser. Compatible browsers and devices include the following:

  • PCs and Macs: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari
  • Androids: Google Chrome
  • iOS: Safari

To connect with one of our providers, simply click on a personalized room link. From there, you’ll enter into an encrypted video chat with the provider.

Our Telemedicine Services

Each day, High Mountain Orthopedics has at least one doctor and one X-ray technician on-site. These flexible care providers offer a host of orthopedic services via telemedicine each day, including:

  • Diagnosing select orthopedic conditions: By assessing the range of motion of patients’ bodies, our care team can diagnose orthopedic conditions in the shoulders, feet and ankles, knees, and more.
  • Reviewing MRI results: If patients are awaiting the results of one or more MRIs, these results can be reviewed via a telemedicine videoconference.
  • Prescribing select medications: By assessing patients’ symptoms remotely, our care providers can prescribe medications, including anti-inflammatory drugs, for those who need them.
  • Answering patient questions: If patients have any medical concerns they’d like to discuss, they can do so within’s secure and encrypted video chatroom.

The Benefits of Going Remote

Thanks to our telemedicine services, High Mountain Orthopedics makes it possible for you to receive the medical care you need from the safety of your home. By keeping our lines of communication open, we hope that our telemedicine services can provide you with comfort and security – even in times of crisis.

Apart from making orthopedic care possible during times of social distancing, telemedicine services are also convenient. They are fast, simple, and often don’t require patients to leave the comfort of their couches. Further, telemedicine can even make it easier to provide orthopedic care to patients with mobility difficulties. For these key reasons, our telemedicine services will continue to be a popular choice, even after coronavirus regulations subside.

Make an Appointment Today

Despite the current restrictions on other businesses, our Wayne location is open.  Whether you’re a current or former patient of High Mountain Orthopedics, or a new patient, you can take advantage of our convenient telemedicine services. Call now to inquire if telemedicine is right for hip, spine, ankle, or other conditions.  Our dedicated team of care providers will deliver the remote counseling you need so you can feel your best. Give us a call at 973-595-7779 to make a telemedicine appointment today.

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