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Many College Athletes conditions can be treated through conservative methods, but some may require surgery to effectively relieve pain and restore function to the joint. Your doctor will decide which type of treatment is best for you after a thorough evaluation of your condition.

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Sports Medicine for College Athletes in NJ

Nurse Checking Basketball PlayerAs a college athlete, it’s important to receive the treatment you need so you can get back to the sport you love faster. High Mountain Orthopedics understands that most, offering procedures and treatment options for a variety of injuries so our athletes can effectively heal. We specialize in sports medicine so you can rest assured that you’re getting the best care available with high-quality equipment and tools. Learn more about our sports medicine services for college athletes throughout Wayne, NJ, at High Mountain Orthopedics.

Conditions We Treat

College athletes have an unmatched drive and passion for their sport, so we want to make sure that you can get back to the field as soon as possible. We have the tools and resources to treat a variety of conditions that many college athletes may experience at some point in their careers. Some of those treatments include:

Sports Medicine Treatment Options

After we complete a comprehensive assessment of your injury and obtain a diagnosis, we can begin to formulate a treatment plan that’s customized to you and your needs. Our treatment plans consist of appropriate prescription medication, at-home care tips, and physical therapy so you can start to feel relief from your symptoms.

If we decide at any point that surgery may be the best course of treatment, High Mountain Orthopedics’ orthopedic surgeons are expertly trained to perform various sports medicine procedures, using state-of-the-art equipment and the safest medical practices. Some procedures we can perform include:

At High Mountain Orthopedics, we are also able to perform open surgeries, as well as arthroscopy surgeries. Arthroscopy surgery is a non-invasive procedure that allows our specialists to get a more in-depth view of what could be the cause of your injury. Once the cause is identified, we can determine a diagnosis and the best course of treatment that will get you back to your athletic lifestyle.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy can help you regain strength and mobility in your muscles so you can get right back to where you left off on the field. Physical therapy is the first method of treatment we will prescribe patients before we consider larger treatment options like surgeries. Some physical therapy services we provide include:

  • Cold and heat treatment
  • Whirlpool therapy
  • Therapeutic ultrasound
  • Electrical stimulation
  • Paraffin
  • Mechanical traction
  • Iontophoresis

Some conditions can be treated with just physical therapy, whereas other conditions might need additional treatments alongside your physical therapy plan. When we perform surgeries, we will often assign a physical therapy schedule for you to adhere to in order to completely heal after your surgery.

Heal with High Mountain Orthopedics

If you’re experiencing pain due to a sports injury, it’s important to seek out medical care as soon as possible so you can continue to live an active and healthy lifestyle. The orthopedic specialists at High Mountain Orthopedics are ready to take you on your healing journey.  For more information on what our sports medicine services can do for you, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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