Professional and amateur athletes are passionate about the sport they play, but injuries can keep them out of the game they love. Sports medicine provides active people with specialized care to get them back to their athletic pursuits as soon as possible. The experienced doctors at High Mountain Orthopedics deliver sports injury treatment for athletes of all ages in Wayne, NJ. Here, we offer a brief overview of sports medicine.

What Does Sports Medicine Treat?

While sports are good for our physical and mental health, they come with an increased risk of injury. Sports medicine treats and prevents such injuries in patients and uplifts their overall physical fitness. Several conditions are common for athletes to experience, including:

Besides treatment for these ailments, some sports medicine healthcare providers also offer advice on exercise, nutrition, supplements, and how to prevent the injury from happening again.

Who Are Sports Medicine Specialists?

If you are injured while playing a sport, your primary care physician may direct you to a sports medicine specialist for treatment. These providers are specially trained in preventing and healing the injuries of active people. Despite their title, sports medicine doctors do not work exclusively with professional athletes. They also serve children and teens who play sports and adults with physically demanding jobs or personal exercise regimens.

Since sports medicine is not a medical specialty in itself, most providers are board-certified in a related field, like orthopedics or pediatrics, with additional training. Some doctors focus on treating children and teens because their bodies can be surprisingly different from adult bodies. Other sports medicine professionals have surgical training, such as the surgeons at High Mountain Orthopedics. The following professionals may also work with sports medicine specialists to deliver additional care:

  • Certified athletic trainers, who provide rehabilitative exercises to help patients regain strength and create conditioning programs to prevent future injuries.
  • Physical therapists, who aid people in recovering and rehabilitating from injuries.
  • Nutritionists, who help people manage their weight and offer dietary advice to enhance their physical functioning.

When Should You Consider Sports Medicine Treatment?

Unless you suffered a severe injury that requires emergency medical attention, you should turn to sports medicine doctors for help with your condition. If you cannot see a specialist right away, rest at home with ice and take pain relievers as needed until your appointment. Sports medicine specialists offer various treatments for injuries, including surgery to fix torn tissue or realign bones.

The board-certified specialists and award-winning orthopedic surgeons at High Mountain Orthopedics offer thorough treatment plans for athletes and active patients of all ages. If you’re seeking sports medicine treatment for yourself or your child, reach out to Dr. Tony S. Wanich for comprehensive care. We may also discuss any psychological or substance abuse problems that contributed to the injury as preventative measures. Our overall goal is to help patients heal fully and return to their athletic pursuits as soon as possible. Schedule an office or telemedicine appointment with us today to learn more about our sports medicine services.

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